Monoliths of Human Eradication

by Psychosomatic Self-Mutilation

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First single off the EP The Apex of Selective Extinguishment out November 2016 through Rotten Records, UK.


Spores released from alien vessels, the infection starts directly through inhalation. Victims tissue immediately starts to transform. Progress is rapid as mutation takes form. Half the population will later be the inferior beings. The other halves fate is to be slaughtered. Harvesting the mutilated corpses building twisted monoliths to the ancient alien Gods. Skin starts to rip as muscle tissue expands. Nail like structures grow from feet and hands. Strength increases, brain activity decreases. Running on pure killer instincts.Mutated abominations now attacking the non-infected. No mercy is shown as this mass genocide is perfected. You think you are lucky because you did not transform. But by now you are wishing you would never been born. Killing, Mutilating, Harvesting, Constructing. Colossal monuments of twisted flesh are now appearing on a global scale. Humanity has been eradicated, a plan that would never have failed.The alien Gods ascending claiming ownership of this world. Malignant remains of planetary species in a cold void.


released September 13, 2016
Written and recorded by Mats Funderud, Martin Funderud, and Cory Bouillon. 2016



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Psychosomatic Self-Mutilation Norway

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